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When Arjun came from office; he heard some voices coming out from his sister’s room. As usual his parents were still in the office and sister had come early from her college. Arjun went to sister’s room and he was astonished to see the scene inside. His sister Pallavi was all nude and she was playing with a sex toy. She had placed that rubber toy in her cunt and she was moaning as that toy was going in and out of her Indian vagina.

All of a sudden he saw Arjun and she started to fumble and looked for something to hide her nude body. But it was too late and brother has seen it all. Pallavi could not say a word. But Arjun said to her, so you are big enough to do all this.

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I am sorry bro, please don’t tell mom, Pallavi was almost crying.

I won’t tell anyone provided you take my dick! Arjun said to his horny sister.

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